Is your website, network or cloud infrastructure vulnerable to a cyber attack?



Specialized Cyber Security Consulting Services

In today’s digital era, cybersecurity threats loom large for businesses, regardless of their size, location, or industry. Sophisticated cybercriminals relentlessly seek to exploit vulnerabilities in company systems in an attempt to access sensitive and confidential information.


At Check4Signs, we stand at the forefront of web security. Our expertise in Vulnerability Assessments, Threat Hunting, and Incident Response, combined with top-tier cyber security consulting, forms a robust shield to help protect against cyber threats. Established in 2023, Check4Signs has been dedicated to safeguarding businesses and organizations across South Africa, Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean, ensuring their digital assets remain as secure as possible.


Let the team at Check4Signs help you improve your security posture.

Key Features





Why should you consider this service?

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Assess the condition of your external network interface and monitor for patching issues, configuration errors, or other vulnerabilities.

Satisfy Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Let us assist in meeting your legal and regulatory obligations under GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and consumer protection laws and regulations.

Safeguard Corporate Reputation and Data

Let us help maintain your reputation as cybersecurity, legal, or regulatory incidents have increasingly large reputational costs in addition to other penalties.

Improve Oversight of IT Functions

External consultants like Check4Signs can help you provide greater accountability for both internal staff and outsourcing partners like managed service providers.

Increase Business Continuity

Technical security breaches are costly affairs and may not only expose sensitive data, but can also result in downtime for key systems.

Monitor Security Strategy and Investment

Our services provide a window of feedback to monitor the effectiveness of efforts to manage and remediate cybersecurity, compliance, and other risks.

What are the deliverables from this service?

Formal Report of Review, including:

Scope of Work Report

Technical Report of findings from our testing

Appendices detailing results for all designated IPs or URLs

Access to vendor knowledgebase for support for identified vulnerabilities

Common Questions


In order to clarify any questions you may have regarding this service, we have provided

a series of common questions below. Also, Please be sure to read

the Terms & Conditions of this advertisement for further information.


What does the vulnerability assessment cover and how will it be performed?

What is a non-exploitative test?

What is required to perform a remote test and how will you attach to my network?

Who will be assigned to our vulnerability assessment?

Who will perform our test? Do you utilize 3rd party contractors or outsourcing for this service?

We utilize a cloud hosting provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.). Can you still perform testing services?


When can the testing be performed?

How frequently will the test be performed?

Why $5,000?

$5,000 seems to be a low price. ABC Firm charged us 3x that price for our last assessment. How do we know your testing is thorough and effective?


How are test results reported?

How will we receive the findings from our internal vulnerability assessment?


I have over 256 IP addresses to test – can Check4Signs provide testing services for my organization?

Can you provide a rough estimate of the additional cost for IP addresses in excess of 256?

Is re-testing included in the $5,000 price and, if not, do you offer this service?

Can you issue multiple reports for your $5,000 Internal Vulnerability Assessment? I have several wholly-owned subsidiaries in other countries that require separate formal reports, even though all IPs are owned by our parent company.



Internal Vulnerability Assessment

$ 5000

onces off

  • 256 IP addresses

  • 1 to 2-week scan of your network, routers, firewalls, endpoints, servers, ports, software vulnerabilities (not patches).

  • Executive assessment report & in-depth action report

  • Board or management presentation of assessment findings

External Vulnerability Assessment

$ 4500

onces off

  • Scan of your websites, external-facing firewalls, web apps, internet-connected servers, public IPs

  • Executive assessment report & in-depth action report

  • Board or management presentation of assessment findings

Monthly Vulnerability Assessment Subscription

$ 4350


  • Daily vulnerability scan of new devices on the network
  • Weekly scan of all the devices and networks
  • Monthly executive assessment report & in-depth action report
  • Near real-time alerts to IT security staff of critical device or network vulnerabilities


Industries We Serve

Financial Services

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Banking & Financial Institutions

Law Firms

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Law Firms & Legal Applications


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Hotels & Resorts

Health Care

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Hospitals & Health Care Facilities.

Consumer Goods

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for eCommerce


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Educational Institutions


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Aviation & Airlines


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Manufacturing Facilities

Casino & Gambling

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Casinos and Gambling Platforms


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Blockchain/Crypto. 

Energy, Oil & Gas

CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Management Services for Energy, oil & gas. Cyber defense for Energy assets